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Welcome to AMERAM, Inc.


We have been in the Computer Consulting business since 1985
serving primarily the legal and medical profession in New York City.

We have security consultants available for
ANY computer, computer network, or Internet security need you might have.

We have "Expert Witnesses" for your Court Cases.

Are your Data Backups up-to-date? Have you tested restoring your data to see if it worked?
Is your erased data really erased? Our data specialists can make sure your answer to all three questions is YES!

Are you infested with Spyware and viruses who are trying to have you send them money to protect you from themselves?

Is your computer much slower than when you bought it?
Call us to find out reasons and what you can do to make it more enjoyable again.

Has your hard drive crashed without you having a backup copy of your important files?
We specialize in recovering your data and showing you how to insure you won't have to walk this path again.

Do you want to purchase new IT equipment and are not sure what you need or what to buy?
Call us now, tell us what you want to do and what your budget is,
and we will give you some options of equipment, price and vendors in writing.

We will consult with you to help you get the technology you need.

We can Install and Manage all your technology solutions including hardware, software,
networks, programming, data security, database management, Internet video surveillance,
website consulting, design and maintenance, domain hosting, and E-Mail management.

HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA Compliance.

Visa PCI-CISP | Credit Card Merchant Setup

On-Site and Off-Site Backups, Disaster Recovery.

Available 24 hours daily | 7 Days a Week

For the right price, we can do just about any IT project you need or desire.


Call us NOW, any time of the day or the night, at 718-690-3995

For ALL your Computer and Internet Needs


Arthur Mosley

CEO & President